Owl Odyssey: Aerial Assault

Take flight as an owl and race with friends

In the Owl Odyssey: Aerial Assault, players embark on an exciting adventure as they take flight and engage in thrilling multiplayer battles against fellow owl pilots. As they soar through the skies, players must rely on their combat skills and lightning-fast reflexes to deftly maneuver past obstacles and emerge victorious against their adversaries.

To intensify the exhilaration of the Flight game, regular contests will be organized, pitting players against each other in riveting competitions for exclusive rewards and prized accolades. These contests present a diverse array of challenges, skillfully designed to put players' abilities to the test and provide opportunities to secure valuable loot and bonuses.

For an added strategic advantage in combat, three formidable power-ups await players: the protective shield, the formidable gun, and the blazing speed booster.

The Owl Odyssey: Aerial Assault, will delivers an electrifying and fast-paced experience that will captivate players for endless hours of enjoyment. With its enticing weekly contests, formidable power-ups, and enthralling multiplayer clashes, this game mode stands as an absolute must-play for both owl aficionados and gaming enthusiasts alike.

The Owl Odyssey: Aerial Assault is set to be available to early supporters first and the general public from June 2023

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